Dex is Your Personal AI Data Analyst

Plug in your data and get an AI chatbot that answers questions, generates interactive charts, and provides insights on the fly.

Text to Chart in Seconds

Watch as we explore a dataset on NYC Real Estate and create interactive charts on the fly

Live Demo

Explore California district data via this chatbot

Why Choose Dex?

Dex is built on 3 core principles

Maintain AI Data Privacy

Dex AI requires minimal visibility into your data to operate.

Opt in for more visibility to generate insights, or keep it private and you'll still have access to all other features.

Easy Connections

Connect your data sources in a few clicks. Dex works with Excel and CSV files, as well as Google Sheets.

Airtable and MySQL server connectors coming soon!

Control Access

Control who can access your chatbots. Either share/embed any chatbot publicly or keep it restricted to trusted accounts.

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